Surfside Beach, SC Adult Sedation Dentistry

adult sedation in Surfside Beach, SC

Fear of the dentist is a common anxiety in many adults. We understand this concern and how this struggle affects people. Our professional practice works hard to create a gentle, relaxed, and comfortable environment for our patients. Dr. Altman provides great sedation methods and options for patients who need work done but just need a little extra help to get through the experience. We want to make you feel better by offering Surfside Beach, SC sedation dentistry treatments.

Sedation methods are available to put you at complete ease during your dental procedure. At our practice, we offer conscious sedation choices to make it comfortable for you. Our choices include nitrous oxide and oral medications or a combination thereof.

Sedation is great for those who struggle with sitting still in the chair, or who have anxiety and fear about having their teeth worked on. Also, if you suffer from gag reflux, or you are sensitive to pain, this could be a great alternative for you. Those patients that need extensive procedures or treatments should also think about sedation methods.

Requesting Sedation Methods

If you want sedation during any dental procedure, such as dental implants or crowns, we will first want to examine your health and medical history so we can be aware of any current or past medical issues. We will also want to know if you take any medications or supplements that could interfere with the process.

All of these areas will be evaluated so we can assure we are giving you the safest treatment possible. We will provide you with a list of items to follow the procedure and what you should eat the night before. We will also need to know if you smoke.

Sedation Options

Oral medication is commonly used for anxious patients. It requires no injection and can put you in a very peaceful and relaxed state. If you are afraid of anesthesia being applied, then an oral sedation will be taken first so that any required anesthetic can be applied to numb all areas that are being worked on inside the mouth. Adding the anesthesia can help with pain or any discomfort as well.

How Does it Work?

Oral medications are simply taken by mouth by swallowing a pill or sublingually placing it under the tongue for a fast acting method. Sublingual methods enter the blood stream faster than regular pills. Sometimes patients try the medication ahead of time to prepare by relaxing a day before.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous has been used in dental offices for decades. It is a fast method used for quick pain relief but may not be as effective for treating fear and anxiety. It is a very common option that many people select and helps those who are very sensitive to pain.

How Do You Apply It?

  1. Air is given through a small cup that is placed on your nose area.
  2. You will instantly relax and may even feel a little light-headed.
  3. The effects wear off quickly, so side effects are generally not felt.

surfside beach, SC adult sedation dentistryCombination

Both sedative methods can be combined for some treatments in order to provide you the best comfort possible and get you through your treatment.

How Do I Prepare?

As your dental professionals, we will provide you with basic treatment preparation instructions before your procedure. The day of your appointment, we will go over your medical history, medications, herbal supplements, and vitamins again. We suggest you try the medication the night before to see if it will also help you feel comforted and relaxed coming into the procedure. You shouldn’t eat or drink at least 6 hours ahead of your treatment unless we have discussed a special situation with you. You can’t drive post procedure, so a good friend or family member should be available to take you home after your appointment. Fluids after the treatment are encouraged to prevent dehydration.

No More Fear

We see many people who do not get the proper oral care they need because they are afraid of dental treatment. Don’t let your teeth suffer. Sedation options can completely change your dental experience into a pleasant one, and you can be assured that you will get the best treatment and care at our office.

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